• Computer with admin to install VirtualBox or any VM software.
  • Internet connection
  • Download Kali Linux from
  • Set up a Kali Linux Virtual Machine in VirtualBox 

VPN Set Up

  • In your Kali Linux VM, log into the VPN Portal at using the credentials emailed to you. The Username is case sensitive (NOTE: Make sure to log into the vpn from inside your Kali Machine. Configuring the VPN on the host machine does not guarantee that the virtual machine will use the VPN)
  • Download the connection profile
    • Yourself (autologin profile) <- This one does not require your password, choose this one.
  • Next, open terminal and change directories to the location your VPN config saved to (default = ~/Downloads).
  • Run the command “Sudo openvpn client.ovpn” (Note: Sudo is required to run openvpn) 
  • Once the VPN is running, leave this windows open to keep the connection. If this terminal windows is closed, the connection will disconnect.